Making reality an augmented playground

There are so much possibilities with Augmented Reality.

Let us guide you in the classic formats we have shaped during our first years.

Those formats will always be adapted in a tailor-made experience suiting your demand. This is Kalank strength.

Augmented Reality potential

Enter a new dimension 😲


Augmented Reality is an immersive technology. Users can dive into another reality, living memorable experiences in the aesthetic of your brands. With big ones such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Disney, we have built the “Portal” process, which is very impactful for users, merging simplicity of usage and quality of spectacle. A door opens in front of you, inviting you to immerge yourself in another dimension. Contact us to offer one of this fabulous Portal experience to your audience.


How could you engage your audience better than permitting them to interact and play with your content? Our gamified experiences have been used by brands such as King and Palmolive with success. Gamified content make longer engagement time, more shares, and can be the basis of contests and rewards, animating your community. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can build together the game for your audience!

Play with your audience 🤣

So much possibilities! 🤔


Augmentation Augmented reality has the biggest impact when it’s interacting with reality. Augmenting a real place or a concrete item leads to a purely magical experience in the users’ eyes. If your project suits this kind of experience, we can build an experience around a place or an item, and we will be happy to imagine the best of it.

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