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Innovation is the best way to distinguish your app from the others in the concurrential sector of the mobile apps. By creating new uses, it becomes essential.

Augmented reality is an innovation that conceals an enormous potential, which Kalank has already captured. Previewing, image editing, geolocalisation, real-virtual connections… A whole new range of interactions to define the world of tomorrow.

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Until the launch of the project, you will be kept updated about the development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your app will be available on the online stores : AppStore for iOS (Apple) and/or the Google Play Store for Android.

Anyone owning a compatible device (mobile and tablets), and if applicable, the right operating system (iOS and/or Android). Note that augmented reality is comptabie only with the most recent devices (5 most recent years).

Augmented reality is a technology that enables the emergence of virtual elements into reality. With AR, we can alter the appearance of reality and deploy interface on the real world. Note that AR needs a camera to be functionnal. Virtual reality is an immersive and closed space, entirely made of 3D, only accessible through the use of a virtual reality helmet device.

Kalank will get you all the details for you to understand and use cleverly your app on the long run. If you spot a bug, we will track it and get rid of it in no time. Then, we will be available for further updates.

Nothing at all. We won’t charge you a single penny to get a quotation!

Innovative App

Bring your brand to the digital realm
  • For iOS and Android
  • Easy To Use
  • Social functionnalities
  • Shareable experience
  • Data Tracking
  • AR features
  • Free Quotation


AR allows to deploy high-quality 3D models in space so they can be examined intuitively, by naturally getting closer. This kind of applications has a great potential for museums, the building industry and the interior design for example.


Take an object: a product, a drawing, a logo. By scanning it with en AR app, we can deploy a virtual environment all around it. An interface gives us access to more informations on the product and the elegant animations give a new dimension to the images, taking the use into an original experience.


AR makes interaction between reality and virtuality possible, and geolocaisation allows for the transformation of the daily environment. A virtual map indicates to users the places in the real world where they have to go to unlock treasures on the app. Adventure awaits into the palm of your hand…

Native App

An app is a incredible opportunity for you to grow your community. First, you can acquire an important amoount of data concerning the users of your app, and the uses they make out of it. Then, you can use your app as a privileged media for communicating with your audience, build and retain your community!

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