AR Filters

Short experiences to release on mobile and tablets. Augmented Reality filters allow you to make your audience interact directly with your brand and reach an exceptional engagement rate.

We Craft Exciting Experiences And Are Always Improving

Our team is a detonating combination of full-blown developers and aspiring sprouts.

We Want You To Be Part Of The Adventure

Until the launch of the project, you will be kept updated about the development.

We Leave Our Clients Absolutely Satisfied

So much we keep working with them afterwards on new and exciting projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to upload the filter yourself on your social media or want the Kalank team to take care of it, we will help you in the process.

The filter access will be available thanks to a unique URL or a QR code. The spread of a filter on social media is made according to your needs or audience. Kalank’s team will help you come up with the rightful solution.

Once your filter has been published, you will have access to lots of statistical data, including the user count, the user’s median age, the average time of use, etc.

Do not worry, we have lots of them! Tell us what kind of filter you wish to conceive, and we will propose you a selection of concepts. You will be able to choose the one you prefer.

Nothing at all. We won’t charge you a single penny to get a quotation!

AR Filter

Morph reality the way you want
  • High Engagement Rate
  • Original Branding
  • Extreme Virality
  • Guaranteed Immersion
  • Playful And Intuitive
  • Memorable Experience
  • Free Quotation

Face filter

Transform your users with surprising costumes and spectacular graphical effects! With the facial movement recognition such as the blinking of the eyes or the opening of the mouth, we can even trigger mini-games!

Environment filter

Immerge your users straight into your brand’s universe by altering their direct environment, such as their living room of their bedroom. We can pop 3D models with detailled animations and paint the world with new colors!

Immersive portal

A portal appears: step through it to dive into a custom-built world. By looking around them with their smartphones, users can discover all the secrets of this micro-universe.

Combine them all!

By mixing these different elements, we can conceive a filter tailored to your need for your brand. A unique experience which will get the best of Augmented Reality!

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