More than ever, games find themselves at the heart of our lives: with friends or alone, on one’s mobile or television, in one’s work and his daily life with gamification… Games allow us to get the best out of ourselves, to learn more about us and our relatives, and also to pass time delightfully.

All Kalank’s team is perfectly trained to the creation of playful experiences.

We Craft Exciting Experiences And Are Always Improving

Our team is a detonating combination of full-blown developers and aspiring sprouts.

We Want You To Be Part Of The Adventure

Until the launch of the project, you will be kept updated about the development.

We Leave Our Clients Absolutely Satisfied

So much we keep working with them afterwards on new and exciting projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented reality is a technology that enables the emergence of virtual elements into reality. With AR, we can alter the appearance of reality and deploy interface on the real world. Note that AR needs a camera to be functionnal.

Virtual reality is an immersive and closed space, entirely made of 3D, only accessible through the use of a virtual reality helmet device.

Gaming is an engaging experience. It feels both satisfying and rewarding, and pushes you to do better. As such, games have the power to retain your community for a long time and empower it. They are also particularly relevant toward the young audiences.

Games do not always have to be fun! They are a medium like any other, and as such, they can be really expressive with their own mechanics and represent complex procedures.

A serious game can enlighten real world problems like no other media. They can be educational by showing how a company, an agency or any complex system run.

Nothing at all. We won’t charge you a single penny to get a quotation!


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Game Masters

In the recent years, the video game industry has become the first cultural industry, way ahead cinema and music. It does remain though a professional sector, difficult to understand without the culture. But do not worry, we can guide you into this exciting sector!


Promoting collaboration or competition among the participants, creating rules to help them excelling, imaginating empathetic and memorable characters, obtaining a reward for an effort… Gamifying a service or an app, implementing game mechanics into it makes the experience more engaging and user-friendly!

Kalank's History

In 2019, Kalank, as an independent, releases the first episode of Tokotoko, a premium video game for mobile entirely made in augmented reality. The following episodes will be released throughout the following year. The studio also creates a caritative game, Tawö, taking a part in the first against hunger in the world, along with Swipe Tycoon, Kalank’s first game aiming at a casual audience.

Today, Kalank is looking to develop its publishing capacities with casual micro-games, and is actively working on Hello Tokotoko!, the free-to-play sequel to Tokotoko.

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