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To each need its service

The digital sector allows you to reach your audience and to interact with her in multiple ways.

Let us guide you in the classic formats we have carefully and patiently shaped over the years.

We will joyfully adapt our formats to suit your project. Kalank only delivers tailor-made experiences, designed to satisfy our customers. This is our strength.

AR Filters

Easy to use, playful and funny, AR filters have already seduced the whole world. Portal, face modifications, game, choose the filter who will fit your need best.
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Innovative Apps

Today, apps are essential to evolve in today's world. Elegant, lightweighted and practical, they are changing our daily life and allows us to interact directly with our relatives and favorite brands.
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Exploring fantastic worlds, learning with fun, or occupying the dead times of the day, vidéo games enable all of those, and so much more.
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Tailored to your needs

You have a crazy good idea, which does not fit any format? Or a very specific project ? We will adaptu us to your demand.
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